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PublishNOW Sinterklaas
PublishNOW Sinterklaas
Publisher: LOOK@T BV
Item no.: CD01050
Price: €199.00

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Professional dutch stock photos on dvd-rom

The most comprehensive collection of professional stock photos on dvd-rom, dwelling on aspects of real Dutch sights and scenes.

Do you design brochures, websites and other (promotional) material which requires the use of stock photos? Don’t you want to make use of foreign-looking visual materials because your design is intended for the Dutch market? Are you maybe just looking for typically Dutch photos?

Then our TypicalHolland dvd-roms are right up your street! Dvd-roms with high resolution royalty-free photos of real Dutch life and sights, shot by Dutch photographers.

TypicalHolland: royalty-free photos of the Netherlands

OosterscheldekeringThe real Netherlands in pictures
The Cheese Market in Alkmaar, traffic jams on the A12 and the famous windmills at Kinderdijk. Unmistakable Dutch sights and scenes without the gloss and artificiality that have come to be so reminiscent of stock photography.

There are of course other ways by which you could come into possession of such photos. For instance, by sending out a photographer, ordering expensive stock photos with lots of restrictions to the licence, or simply grabbing your camera and setting off in your own car. But for just a fraction of the costs, you’d be in possession of a TypicalHolland title within a few days.

Royalty-free photos for unlimited use
All photos on TypicalHolland are truly royalty-free. You can therefore use them indefinitely, without having to obtain permission again and again. You may use the images as often as you like, in any size you want, without restrictions to circulation. Use the photos in leaflets, advertisements, websites and (PowerPoint) presentations. They can also be used in books, calendars, reports, periodicals, records and posters. You only have to incur the costs of acquisition once, for the TypicalHolland title of your choice and nothing more. There are therefore absolutely no hidden (extra) costs.

Premium quality
All photos are either shot with professional digital SLR cameras or are high quality scanned slides. This way, you can be assured of a stock of entrancing, exquisite photos in sprightly colours, with which to embellish all your designs. The photos are retrievable from the TypicalHolland cd/dvds in three distinct formats. This drastically cuts down your preparation time, thus allowing you more time for creativity!